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Reloading Equipment

Item Qty Part# PRICE [pics]
Dillon Precision RL 550B Loader

$200.00 [pic]
Dillon Precision RL 550B Caliber Conversion Kit 38Super

Dillon Precision RL 550B Caliber Conversion Kit 45ACP

Dillon Precision RL 550B Dies 45ACP

Dillon Precision RL 550B Dies 38Super

Dillon Precision RL 550B Toolhead 2

Dillon Precision RL 550B Toolhead Stand 2

Dillon Precision RL 550B Spare Parts Kit

Lee Carbide sizing die 38Super

RCBS 5-0-5 Reloading Scale

RCBS Hand Priming Tool

RCBS Premium Trigger Scale

Quinetics Bullet Puller

PACT BBK Electronic Powder Scale


Dillon Ammo Box 50rd .45ACP 6

Dillon Ammo Box 100rd .45ACP 2

Reloading Components

Item Qty Part# PRICE [pics]

38SuperComp TJ 90

38SuperComp AP 180

38SuperComp Starline 600

45ACP (misc headstamps) 1 M2A1 can


9mm Montana Gold 124gr JHP 2370
9mm Montana Gold 115gr JHP 380
9mm West Coast Bullet 115gr copper 315

9mm West Coast Bullet 124gr copper 225

.45ACP Bear Creek Supply SWC 200gr .452” ~500

.45ACP West Coast Bullet SWC 200gr copper ~400


Winchester Small Rifle 6500 WSR

CCI Small Pistol 1000 50014


Vihtavuori N350 3#

Vihtavuori N320 .75#

Vihtavuori 3N37 .25#

Winchester Super-Field .5# WSF

Winchester Super-Lite .75# WSL


40S&W (mixed lead, copperplated, jacketed) ~600

38SuperComp (mostly 124g JHP, also copperplated, 115g) ~700

1911 Parts

Item Qty Part# PRICE [pics]


Dillon single stack base plate extension 6

Mecgar 10-rd 45ACP magazine 6

McCormick Shooting Star 8-rd 45ACP magazine 4

Single stack 45ACP mag springs 9

CRTC practice mag STI

STI 38 Super 140mm magazine with Grams baseplate (used) 4

STI 38 Super 170mm magazine with Grams baseplate (used) 2

STI 38 Super 140 mag tube NEW 2

STI 38 Super 170 mag tube NEW 1

STI 38 Super 170 base plate NEW 1

Wolff Springs NEW

Recoil spring (variable rate) 7lb 1

Recoil spring (variable rate) 8lb 2

Recoil spring (variable rate) 9lb 1

Recoil spring (variable rate) 10lb 1

Recoil spring (variable rate) 11lb 1

Recoil spring (variable rate) 12lb 1

Recoil spring (variable rate) 13lb 1

Recoil spring (variable rate) 14lb 1

Recoil spring (variable rate) 15lb 1

Recoil spring (variable rate) 16.5lb 1

Recoil spring (conventional) 8lb 1

Recoil spring (conventional) 9lb 1

Recoil spring (conventional) 10lb 1

Recoil spring (conventional) 11lb 2

Recoil spring (conventional) 12lb 1

Extra power firing pin springs 3

ISMI Springs NEW

Recoil spring 9lb 1

Recoil spring 12.5lb 2

Recoil spring 14lb 2


STI black grip NEW 1

STI EDM sear

STI trigger bow Std

Wilson Combat extended slide release

Clark Custom sear spring

Briley 9mm/38Super firing pin

EGW 45 extractor

SV modular trigger w/ flat insert

Hiett red buffs .90, .125, .1875

Brownells 140mm mag springs 3

Brownells 170mm mag springs 2

Competition Accessories

Item Qty Part# PRICE [pics]
Bianchi single mag holder STI 4 H2050

Bianchi Leather Competition belt inner/outer 1.75” x 34” 1

Bianchi Hemisphere Competition Holster Open/Limited 1

Bianchi STI adjustable single magazine carrier 4

Safariland Adjustable Magazine Pouch Black Basketweave Colt Single stack 5

Safariland Adjustable Magazine Pouch Black Tactical STI 5

Safariland Competition Belt Black Basketweave Inner/outer 32” 1

Safariland Competition Belt Black Nylon Inner/outer 34” 1

PACT Club Timer 1

PACT Model 1 Chronograph

Gunsmithing Tools

Item Qty Part# PRICE [pics]
Wilson 1911 Trigger Jig 1 #1 $10. [pics]


Item Qty Part# PRICE [pics]
STI 2011 Open Pistols 2 [Pistol 1] [Pistol 2]